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Apply For Your Medical Marij. Card Today

  • Get Your Card In 15-20 Days.
  • ​$199 For Initial Certification.
  • 100% Approval Or Money Back.

What To Expect:

  • 15-Minutes In-Person.
  • Quick Medical Evaluation.
  • Guidance To Register With Florida Medical Marij. Registry.

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Get Certified In 3 Simple Steps.

Qualify For A Medical Marij Card Today.

 Step 1

Make an appointment with Dr. Hass at the Empathic Practice.

 Step 2

Attend your appointment, and receive a medical MJ recommendation.

 Step 3

If approved by the State, you’ll receive your medical MJ card both via email and mail.

Please Confirm Your 

Appointment With Us.

Before patients are eligible to obtain their Medical MJ License, Florida State law requires MJ Doctors to evaluate patients in person to confirm their qualifying condition and to assess proper treatment.

While confirming the in-person appointment with our staff member, patients will be educated about Medical MJ treatments and more.

Dr. William Hass

Dr. William Hass is a Board Certified Anesthesiologist, and Lifestyle Doctor with more than forty years of experience with pain management. Dr. Hass’ interests in resilience and mindfulness education, and earlier pharmacy training has expanded his interests to herbal medicine and meditation.

Felipe Munoz

Felipe Munoz is an Internationally Certified Meditation Teacher and Life Coach. Working for more than a decade with training and coaching modalities, Felipe has been an integral part to helping individuals find their life's purpose and aligning their actions with their goals. Felipe brings his experience to coach patients on mindful use of MJ.

7-Month Medical MJ Certification

Our Licensed Medical MJ Doctor, Dr. Hass, is located in Pensacola.

2701 N 12th Avenue, Pensacola FL, 32503.

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FYI: Approved patients receive a confirmation email of their approved status by the Florida State, which serves as a temporal Medical MJ Card. The temporal card can be used at Florida dispensaries to purchase Medical MJ.

The physical Medical MJ License is delivered by mail within 10-15 days after approval.